Spring into Summer with our Top 10 Ways to Enjoy the Parks

Devils Slide south parking lot

Yay! California ‘opens up’ June 15, with the removal of capacity limits and physical distancing requirements which means – fingers crossed! – summer will be a lot of fun with long overdue catchups with friends and family alike. With the exception of Pescadero Creek County Park which remains closed due to lingering unsafe conditions from last summer’s wildfire, all SMC Parks are open. Here are our top 10 ways for you to enjoy the parks this summer.

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Building Human & Natural Relations on Crystal Springs Trail

Guest authored by Doug Silverstein Visualize your fast-paced workout on the treadmill at the gym. Just left is your good friend Jill, and beyond her worked-over brows are two dozen grunting, bouncing millennials and gen X, Y, and Z’ers. “How you doing?” you scream, checking Jill’s speed to justify your deep chested panting. “I just got back from a <muffled> … [gasp] … <inaudible> conference!” “WHAT, a gelled hair bomber jet?” you yell over the colossal weightlifter’s rumbling clean-and-jerk. Whoa… wait a second. Time out!!!

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