San Mateo County Parks for People and their Canine Companions

The San Mateo County Parks Department, with the help of a Dog Management Committee, is updating its policies regarding dogs in parks. Currently, the county ordinance prohibits dogs in County Parks. However, the County has acquired parklands over the years where dog use was allowed and therefore grandfathered in. Since the current ordinance was inconsistent, the Board of Supervisors recently amended the ordinance to reflect that dogs are allowed in park areas that have been specifically designated and signed.

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The Latest: Dogs in Parks and Complete the Gap

At December’s San Mateo County Parks Commission hearing, Commissioners received an update on the Complete the Gap trail project and made a recommendation on dog management policies.

Complete the Gap Trail Project

This project is part of the Crystal Springs Regional Trail system that stretches from San Bruno to Woodside along the eastern side of the San Francisco watershed reservoirs. Sixteen miles of the 17.5-mile Crystal Springs Trail are complete. What remains are the more challenging segments, including this project which, when done, will remove the final gap to provide continuous trail from San Bruno Avenue to Highway 92. The South of Dam trail segment was completed in late 2014. The Crystal Springs Dam Bridge Trail will be completed in early 2018.

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