Spring into Summer with our Top 10 Ways to Enjoy the Parks

Devils Slide south parking lot

Yay! California ‘opens up’ June 15, with the removal of capacity limits and physical distancing requirements which means – fingers crossed! – summer will be a lot of fun with long overdue catchups with friends and family alike. With the exception of Pescadero Creek County Park which remains closed due to lingering unsafe conditions from last summer’s wildfire, all SMC Parks are open. Here are our top 10 ways for you to enjoy the parks this summer.

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Our Top Ten “Cool Things to Discover” in a San Mateo County Park

Our parks offer much in the way of fun discoveries- rare plants and butterflies, seasonal waterfalls and lots of birds; imaginative playgrounds, surprising vistas and neck-straining redwood trees. Some are nature’s gifts and others are man-made, but when one comes across something rare, unexpected or curious, it feels like a treat. There are hundreds of cool things to discover in your San Mateo County Parks. This list is the tip of the iceberg. Click here to see a list of all San Mateo County Parks that are currently open.

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