Building Human & Natural Relations on Crystal Springs Trail

Guest authored by Doug Silverstein Visualize your fast-paced workout on the treadmill at the gym. Just left is your good friend Jill, and beyond her worked-over brows are two dozen grunting, bouncing millennials and gen X, Y, and Z’ers. “How you doing?” you scream, checking Jill’s speed to justify your deep chested panting. “I just got back from a <muffled> … [gasp] … <inaudible> conference!” “WHAT, a gelled hair bomber jet?” you yell over the colossal weightlifter’s rumbling clean-and-jerk. Whoa… wait a second. Time out!!!

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The Fun Continues with Coyote Nights at Coyote Point!

This family-friendly event is drawing more and more people who want to enjoy a relaxing summer evening with new friends to Coyote Point. There are three more Coyote Nights this summer, so don’t miss out!

One family rode their bikes over to Coyote Nights. Another brought a picnic dinner to enjoy in the park. One couple arrived from out of town and joined family members to celebrate their grandson’s birthday. Some people took advantage of the REI clinics while others just wanted to lay in a hammock listening to our DJ spin good tunes. All had a good time.

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