San Mateo County Parks Annual Passes Now Available for Checkout at County Libraries

Annual park passesThe San Mateo County Parks Foundation is pleased to announce that we have placed two annual county park passes in each of the thirteen San Mateo County Libraries. Seven of the 23 San Mateo County Parks charge a $6 vehicular entrance fee, which is much-needed revenue for the Parks Department. However, it can also be a barrier to low-income families already struggling with high rents and inflation.

Annual park passes will be available for check out at these county libraries for a few weeks at a time. All you need is a San Mateo County Library card. “Offering county park passes will encourage our community members to explore what’s right in our own backyard,” San Mateo County Libraries Director Anne-Marie Despain said. “We hope these passes inspire more people to discover and enjoy our County Parks.”

Hung on your rear-view mirror, the annual park pass will provide free entry to the following parks:

  1. Coyote Point Recreation Area
  2. Huddart Park
  3. Junipero Serra Park
  4. Memorial Park
  5. Sam McDonald Park
  6. San Bruno Mountain State and County Park
  7. San Pedro Valley Park

Being able to freely access the parks can be a lifesaver for people living in overcrowded situations far away from parks and open spaces. Time in nature, as many studies have shown, is very healing for all ages. Whether one is hiking a trail or sitting on a park bench, just being in nature is enormously beneficial to all, and especially those dealing with depression and stress. In addition, parks inspire us to care for the planet.

“Fostering a bond between people and the outdoors is essential for future conservation efforts.  Through this program, more people will have the opportunity to visit new parks, explore different environments and become good stewards of the land. We appreciate the collaboration between the Parks Foundation and San Mateo County Library System to launch such an important program.”

— Nicholas Calderon, San Mateo County Parks Director

We hope you have an opportunity to visit your local library and parks this holiday season. Get more information here.


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