What is a Pump Track?

Once upon a time, I had no knowledge of pump tracks. Now, I hear about them in connection to two parks, Quarry Park in El Granada and Flood Park in Menlo Park, on a regular basis. Planning efforts have been underway at both parks and as part of those community engagement processes, residents spoke up in favor of a pump track (or two) in San Mateo County Parks.

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Our Top Ten Ways for You to Volunteer in the Parks

Devils Slide ambassadorVolunteering is a wonderful way to care for your community, meet new people, learn new things and feel connected to the world around you. Volunteering in the parks has the added perk of being outdoors, in some of our most scenic spots throughout San Mateo County.

Here are our top ten ways you can volunteer in San Mateo County Parks. No matter where you are in San Mateo County, there is a nearby park needing some love and attention from you.

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