San Mateo Marine Protected Area (MPA) Video


The San Mateo County Parks Foundation is proud to have provided partial funding for the San Mateo MPA Collaborative to create a new video that educates future visitors about the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve, the Montara State Marine Reserve, the Pillar Point State Marine Conservation Area and MPAs overall.

In 1999, California passed the Marine Life Protection Act (MLPA), which is part of the California Fish and Game Code. Marine Protected Areas are underwater parks where sea life can thrive. The number one stated goal of the MLPA is to protect the natural diversity and abundance of marine life, and the structure, function and integrity of marine ecosystems.

Just like national parks, MPA’s are open to the public for education, recreation, research and appreciation. These areas are designated with special regulations which are designed to protect marine resources. While Fitzgerald Marine Reserve is managed by San Mateo County Parks, it is also protected by state and federal laws.

Watch the video to learn more about these special resources along our San Mateo County coast.

Montara State Marine Reserve, a Marine Protected Area – San Mateo County, California from rob cala on Vimeo.

The San Mateo MPA Collaborative has many members including San Mateo County Parks, California Fish and Wildlife, Pillar Point Harbor Patrol, California Academy of Sciences and Friends of Fitzgerald Marine Reserve. This video is their latest project.

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