Park Prescriptions

In partnership with San Mateo County Health, the San Mateo County Parks Foundation is promoting healthy lifestyles with park prescriptions. The physical and emotional benefits of spending time in nature are well-documented. This is why more and more doctors are prescribing time in nature to their patients:

“Spend one hour in nature, twice a week”

Time in nature is associated with lower blood pressure, enhanced immune systemparks rx pass function, reduced anxiety, improved mood, better eye-sight and much more. The threshold for receiving these benefits is two hours per week of nature-time.

One does not always need to go for a long hike to realize the health benefits. Simply sitting on a bench with a pretty view and looking for birds or whales is good for our well-being and this has a positive ripple effect throughout our whole body.

The park prescription doubles as a day parking pass at San Mateo County Parks that charge $6 per vehicle entry (see map below). The San Mateo County Parks Foundation reimburses San Mateo County Parks for each surrendered pass.


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