Starting Summer 2020, you can now find San Mateo County Parks on OuterSpatial, an app that is free for the end user. Prepare for your next park visit by accessing the most current park information from your smartphone. OuterSpatial stands apart from other apps in that park agencies and land managers have direct control over the information presented so you are getting to know the organizations that protect and manage your favorite outdoor places.

  • Know before you go- find out about park and trail closures and conditions
  • Discover new places- see what other parks are in your area and have a parks backup plan in case your first choice doesn’t work out.
  • Get connected- check out events and volunteer opportunities (as well as virtual outings!)
  • Stay on track- while out on the trail use the app to see nearby amenities like restrooms, picnic areas and trail junctions
  • Share information- document hazards, take photos and answer surveys

outerspatial app

Get detailed instructions on how to first use the app at San Mateo County Parks.


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