Coyote Point Stewardship Fund


By far one of the most popular San Mateo County parks, Coyote Point is a gem on the bay and packs a lot into its 149 acres. Every day sees walkers, runners and cyclists enjoying its trails. Families with young children seek out a fun time at Magic Mountain playground. And kite-flyers and windsurfers come to take advantage of the park’s perfect windy conditions.

CP Kite Festival

The Coyote Point Kite Festival in 2019


Coyote Point is easily accessible and welcomes thousands of people every month. Coyote Point offers so much to the community, and in return needs some tender loving care. Parks saw a record number of visitors last year. Now is a pivotal time to make long-overdue improvements to ensure a park visit is enjoyable and safe.

Shade shelter example

Shade shelter example

We have established the Coyote Point Stewardship Fund to help park rangers make these needed improvements. We are focusing our efforts on securing much-requested shade shelters for beach picnic areas, maintaining a healthy tree canopy and ensuring park rangers have the necessary tools for increased maintenance demands.

Tree health and safety is of particular interest to the Parks Foundation. Stressed and unhealthy eucalyptus trees can drop limbs and attract pests, most notably the longhorned borer. This only adds to the stress of the tree. The removal of unhealthy trees around picnic sites is a priority for the Foundation.

Close-to-home parks are an easy respite in our busy, overwhelming world. Coyote Point on the bay has plenty of nooks and trails to calm an active mind or invigorate a tired soul. You can bring your dog, ride a bike, or set sail from this rocky outcrop.

healthy tree canopy

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