Our Shared Bay Area Outdoors- during COVID-19

Get the guidance you need to enjoy the Bay Area’s great outdoors. There is over a million acres of parks and preserves and thousands of miles of trails throughout our region for you to explore. COVID-19 made clear that our parks and trails are essential to our mental, physical and emotional health.


The San Mateo County Parks Foundation is a member of TOGETHER Bay Area – a regional coalition working for lands, people, and communities – and we are asking all residents and visitors to please follow your county’s rules for safe, responsible park use. You can find San Mateo County Health Officer, Scott Morrow’s most recent health order here. You can find the latest in terms of what is open in San Mateo County Parks here.

Get to know your great outdoors, starting with the Peninsula and South Bay.

Let’s all do our part to take care of our parks, so that they can continue to stay open, and take care of us.


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