Your Charitable Gifts at Work!

This week, the San Mateo County Parks Foundation made its first gift of 2017 to the San Mateo County Parks Department. Thanks to our wonderful supporters, these gifts, totaling $62,852, have allowed the following projects and programs to happen in your County Parks:

1. Purchase of an arena harrow for the newly refurbished riding ring at Wunderlich County Park. The arena harrow is a valuable piece of equipment that ensures the investment in the riding ring is long-lasting. The knitting effect created by the harrow maintains the footing in good condition and keeps the riding field level for many years. With an improved riding ring, all community members will be welcome to experience the joy of riding a horse in a safe and comfortable manner.

2. Continue efforts to save and grow the only known population of the San Mateo thornmint, found at Edgewood Park and Natural Preserve. The San Mateo thornmint is an annual herb with a pretty flower from the mint family. It is listed as federally and state endangered. Creekside Center for Earth Observation has been engaged in restoration efforts for several years, which includes seed collection, seed banking and re-introducing seeds into prepared plots at the park.

3. Maintain Bicycle Sunday, the popular year-round event that takes place along Cañada Road. Every Sunday, the section of Cañada Road between Highway 92 and Filoli is closed to cars while cyclists, roller-bladers and joggers get free reign of the road.

4. Support the hard work of thousands of volunteers working in county parks by funding everything from docent training and CPR/First Aid training to the tools, equipment, and plants needed for weeding and re-introducing native plants.

5. Nurture the next generation of conservation leaders by connecting high-school youth to meaningful summer work in our parks where they tackle maintenance projects. An example of such a project took place at Fitzgerald Marine Reserve where a crew repaired fencing along a trail to keep visitors off a dangerous cliff.

All of this is possible thanks to the hundreds of donors who generously support our local county parks. We truly have a world-class park system and together we are ensuring it thrives for future generations to enjoy!

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