Coyote Nights — The Best Place to Be On Thursday Nights!

Peregrine Falcon

Kenny Elvin, Master Falconer

Guest Blog by Bay Area Resident Susanna Kalnes

Does Heaven really exist? I’m not sure — but if it does, I’m pretty sure what I experienced last Thursday was pretty darn close. With nature all around me, 80 degree temps on my skin, panoramic bay views, and a cold beer in my hand, I kicked off my first Coyote Nights adventure feeling like, “it doesn’t get any better than this.”

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Hikes for History Buffs!

There are twenty-two San Mateo County Parks and two of them are historic sites, Sanchez Adobe and the Woodside Store. Sanchez Adobe is the second oldest building in San Mateo County with three major periods of California history represented on site. The Woodside Store was at one time the only store on the Peninsula between San Francisco and Santa Clara. It became the thriving heart of business and cultural activities for the logging community during the 1850s. But what about the rest of the parks? It turns out they are rich in history too. Here are our top six hikes for history buffs.

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