• Crowdsourced Events in SMC Parks

    For additional details, please contact the host organization listed for each event.

  • SMC Parks/San Bruno Mountain habitat restoration

    San Bruno Mountain 555 Guadalupe Canyon Parkway, Brisbane, CA, CA

    San Bruno Mountain is a beautiful natural "island" in a sea of urbanization, and it functions as key habitat for numerous endangered or threatened butterfly species like the San Bruno Elfin and the Mission Blue. Join SMC Parks on Saturday, May 21st as they remove high priority weeds - potentially within planting areas - from this important habitat. Please register in advance.

    San Bruno Mountain Watch/Dune Defenders

    San Bruno Mountain 555 Guadalupe Canyon Parkway, Brisbane, CA, CA

    San Bruno Mountain's sand dunes formed 100,000 years ago when higher sea levels flooded the edges of the mountain. Join in protecting the native dune vegetation, including an endangered wildflower, by removing invasive weeds! Meet at Hillside Park (parking at 222 Lausanne Ave, Daly City) Register in advance.

    Pacific Beach Coalition/Linda Mar habitat restoration

    Linda Mar Highway 1 at Crespi Drive, Pacifica, CA

    The coastal sand dunes along Linda Mar Beach are among the most dynamic and fragile natural formations relying on a commitment to protecting and preserving them. Restoring this landscape involves removing non-native invasive plants and weeds (i.e., ice plant, mustard and ox tongue) to make way for planting coastal native plants (i.e., beach sage, seaside daisy and strawberry) to maintain, increase and sustain biodiversity. Meet on the east side of Highway 1 at the Crespi Drive stoplight on the morning of the event. You many also join in on the event after 10am by crossing Highway 1 at the stoplight, and heading north on the coastal trail bike path to join the team. Please register in advance.