Pacific Beach Coalition/San Pedro Creek Cleanup

San Pedro Creek 751 San Pedro Terrace Rd, Pacifica

San Pedro Creek is a perennial stream in the City of Pacifica and San Mateo County, California whose tributaries originate on Montara Mountain and Sweeney Ridge in the Santa Cruz Mountains. The main stem of the creek flows 2.5 miles through the Linda Mar neighborhood to the Pacific Ocean at Linda Mar Beach. The creek supports a steelhead population and various other riparian species. Meet at the end of San Pedro Terrace Rd by the trail head. 751 San Pedro Terrace Rd, Pacifica. Parking: On San Pedro Terrace Rd. Please register in advance.  

SMC Parks/Wunderlich Park Habitat Restoration

Wunderlich Park 4040 Woodside Rd. , Woodside

Wunderlich County Park is a beautiful open space populated by trees such as redwoods, oaks, and madrones, with a recreational trail system used by hikers, joggers, and horseback riders alike. These trails take visitors through the numerous different plant communities Wunderlich has to offer; unfortunately however, these communities are currently being threatened by invasive plant species. If you want to help protect this varied habitat, join SMC Parks to remove invasive weeds such as French and/or Scotch broom from the park!