52 Ways to Enjoy Your San Mateo County Parks in 2022

An idea for every week of the year. No. 48 is a good one to kick off the New Year 🙂 Happy exploring!

Mirada Surf

Mirada Surf Sunset by Eric Steven Sevilla

  1. Fly a kite at Coyote Point Recreation Area.
  2. Marvel at Edgewood’s springtime wildflower displays.
  3. Enjoy a sunset from Devil’s Slide.
  4. Identify San Francisco landmarks from San Bruno Mountain’s Saddle Loop Trail.
  5. Get to know the man behind Sam McDonald County Park.
  6. Brave the 54-foot-long double slides at Meadow View Playground in Junipero Serra County Park.
  7. The long-awaited visitor center at the Sanchez Adobe Historic Site in Pacifica opened to the public last summer – this is when it is open.
  8. Ride your bike along Cañada Road during Bicycle Sunday.
  9. Complete the section of the Bay Area Ridge Trail that intersects Huddart County Park’s southwest corner.
  10. Learn to ride a horse at Wunderlich County Park.
  11. Admire sailboats at the Coyote Point Marina.
  12. Reserve Junipero Serra Park’s Bay View Picnic Shelter and enjoy views of the Peninsula from San Bruno Mountain to SFO.
  13. Can you spot Brooks Falls at San Pedro Valley Park after all of this rain?
  14. Camp at Memorial Park, the first park in the San Mateo County Parks system.
  15. Find the labyrinth at Quarry Park.
  16. Take your child to visit the improved and expanded playground at Moss Beach Park.
  17. Learn in advance what to expect when visiting Fitzgerald Marine Reserve.
  18. Explore Pescadero Creek County Park from the Tarwater Trailhead.
  19. Check out the surfers from Mirada Surf.
  20. Planning for the future of Flood Park enters an exciting phase – get up to speed here.
  21. Pillar Point Bluff is an excellent spot to catch sight of raptors hunting.
  22. Walk your dog at Quarry Park.
  23. Step back in time and visit the Woodside Store.
  24. The Cowell-Purisima Trail is wheelchair accessible from both the north and south parking lots, affording epic views of the Pacific Ocean.
  25. Volunteer with San Bruno Mountain Watch at their Mission Blue Nursery.
  26. Set aside time to visit the Carriage Room Museum at Wunderlich Park.
  27. Watch the planes land at SFO from the Merchant Marine Memorial overlook at Coyote Point.
  28. Wander the trails at Heritage Grove, a magnificent old-growth redwood forest on Alpine Creek.
  29. Join the Edgewood Weed Warriors to remove invasive weeds and allow for greater biodiversity.
  30. Go for a run along the San Andreas segment of the Crystal Springs Regional Trail.
  31. Listen to water running in the creeks at Huddart Park.
  32. Hike to the view point along Memorial Park’s Pomponio Canyon Trail.
  33. Reach the summit of Montara Mountain via San Pedro Valley Park.
  34. Observe resting harbor seals from Fitzgerald Marine Reserve’s cypress grove.
  35. Bring binoculars to Devil’s Slide in case a spout of water indicates the presence of a whale offshore.
  36. Visit the Pulgas Water Temple via the Crystal Springs segment of the Crystal Springs Regional Trail.
  37. Mark your calendar for the third Saturday in September for Sanchez Adobe’s Rancho Day Fiesta.
  38. Practice forest-bathing along Forest Trail at Sam McDonald County Park.
  39. The Jean Lauer Trail at Pillar Point Bluff is a great place to get windswept.
  40. Photograph a sun-dappled, misty morning at Sawyer Camp Trail.
  41. Mirada Surf offers excellent picnic spots for ocean-viewing; keep walking north along the California Coastal Trail to the quaint fishing village of Princeton-by-the-Sea.
  42. Pair an outing to Memorial Park with a visit to the historic Loma Mar Store and Kitchen.
  43. Be in awe of the fascinating geology of Devil’s Slide.
  44. Ride your horse into Pescadero Creek County Park from the Jack Brook Horse Camp.
  45. Bring the young closer to nature with activities and crafts designed by the Friends of Edgewood
  46. Descend the 160-foot bluff-to-beach staircase at Fitzgerald Marine Reserve to access Seal Cove.
  47. Grab a litter-grabber, gloves and bucket to pick up litter as you stroll Sawyer Camp Trail.
  48. View the highest of high tides (King Tides) January 2 and 3 at the Coyote Point Marina.
  49. Reward a good, long hike via Wunderlich County Park’s Alambique and Skyline Trails with lunch at Alice’s Restaurant.
  50. Bicycle Sunday, with the Crystal Springs Reservoir as your backdrop, is also great for roller-blading/skating.
  51. Windsurf at Coyote Point.
  52. Prepare for a backpacking trip by climbing San Bruno Mountain’s Ridge Trail.
Alambique Trail

Up High on Alambique Trail with Morning Fog by Dominic Justewicz


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